Christmas Gifts For Gardeners in Stock

In time for christmas we've gathered together some great products for the budding or avid gardener.  In stock are:

Vegetable trugs $65.00 / $35.00:

A traditional and stylish way to harvest your veggie patch and display your latest crop.  Also for the kids, a smaller version perfect for helping mum and dad and getting excited about growing food.


Waterfall watering cans $99.00:

A classic and nicely designed 9 litre watering can perfect for small gardens.  Keeps the plants growing and looks great on display.


Indoor composting bins $59.00:

Sealed bokashi style bins so you can compost in the kitchen without the smell and without the fruit flies.  You can put fruit, veggies, coffee grounds and even meat in these bins.  You can use bokashi powder to speed up the composting process or a fermented fruit extract spray that we sell for $9.95.  Capacity is 15 litres, dimensions 29cm diameter, 40cm at back, 35cm at front.

While we are still setting up our online store, all of these products are available by simply emailing or calling 0415925739.  Prices are GST inclusive and we are offering free shipping for orders over $200 in November and December.  Check out the shop tab for more images