A festival on wheels?

The common sounds of traffic are momentarily silenced by an army of bikes. The army is lead by a band being towed by two push bikes. For those up the front, the sounds of Bob Marley stifle the chatter of the city. For those up the back the rhythmic bells from hundreds of happy cyclists roll through the streets of Fremantle, Western Australia. The traffic is forced to a halt and strangely no one within their cars seems too concerned, in-fact they share smiles and high fives with the rolling mass of stoked cyclists. 

This is Boom Box Bike 2013. Four times a year hundreds of cyclist congregate and ride from location to location. Each spot they stop, different artists take to the mobile stage and perform. It’s an all ages event and everyone is welcome as long as you can ride. It really is just a festival on wheels.

This is such a successful event, with so much positive energy. I can’t wait to see this become commonplace in all city’s and communities of Australia.