Shaping Shaping Bays

I was up late last night.  Paint roller in hand.  Second coat of stream blue. Positioning fluorescent lights.  It got me thinking about the number of times I've done this before.  There was the garage down the coast, the back of my grandfather's workshop, the spare room in Cronulla, up the back of my mate's mechanical factory, the tin shed at the share house, the flood prone single garage, under the third share house and by far the worst.....the apartment garage.

You can't build boards without a bay....or preferably 2 or 3 bays.  While developing your craft, refining your skills you jump at any discarded or unused space that will tolerate foam dust and resin dregs. Every board I've shaped over the years has more than a few stories embedded deep within the grain of foam and timber. 

This latest bay is different.  It doesn't have a dirt floor or leaky roof.  It's not going to get me offside with the neighbours. Finally Treehouse has a home at Timbermill Studios, 2 Molloy Street Bulli.  All those years of setting up and dismantling makeshift shaping bays has paid off.


Photos: Millie Fairhall, Jessamyn Jean, Matt Johnson