With most videos produced there is always a fair bit of footage that is shot and not used. And being a man that likes to use leftovers, whether it be in the kitchen, in the garden, or in this case, the edit suite, I thought I would throw together some footage that didn’t make the cut for the 2013 official Treehouse Video. The standard of waves complements the standard of surfing. When he wasn’t behind the lens, James Kates was a real standout as far as style and innovative surfing goes, showing us a few things on generating power in such testing conditions and dismounting with the elegance and control of a thoroughly salt-cured waterman.

Technicalities aside, spending a day searching for waves with a bunch of frothing mates is always a special occasion. Waking early and jamming a colourful quiver of hand crafted, high quality boards into the back of Dave’s van. Heading south along the escarpment, just below the horizon the sun is preparing itself for a new day.

The light summer offshore breeze is grooming the fun peaks of Werri beach and we are amongst it in a flash. Taking turns carving the smooth ramps from the deeper bank out the bank, right into the sucky little reform shorey for the occasional cosy little pit. Such positive energy from every element.

The sun rolls on high, the tide and wind shifts and we decide to shift with it. Heading back north to Port Kembla beach to find that the nor'easter has kicked in. There is still a wave to surf, so we surf it. It mightn’t be much, but there really is nothing like spending time with you’re mates in the water, just mucking round and having a laugh.

So check out some of these leftovers, it may have a different flavour, but its tasty nonetheless.