Welcome Home Lofty and Lucy

Treehouse Ambassadors Lofty and Lucy packed boards and belongings into their trusty Troopy over a year ago now.  It's so great to see their faces back in the lineups along the Coal Coast.  Here's a brief reflection on the amazing year they've had on the road soaking up our beautiful country.  Welcome home guys!

This is Lucy's first edit. Not bad for an enviro nerd. Okay she may of had a fair bit of help but she still got the ball rolling. Come with us on a journey across to Van Demons land, up the Oodnadatta track, past Uluru and Karlu Karlu, woof the sticky tropics of NT, journey into the Kimberley's most northern reaches, slide down WA west coast, climb through the SW forests and get out of boggs across the nullabour. Song: Blackfella/ Whitefella by Jimmy Little....the truest fullah.