We build boards differently at Treehouse.  In our workshops and retreats we start with the most sustainable, locally sourced EPS foam blanks available and then laminate your finished shape using the highest quality Australian fibreglass, natural fibres and bio-based epoxy resins.  Our glassing materials and method at Treehouse ensure that you get a high performing, light weight board that is more durable and sustainable than the majority of boards on the market.  In fact, we were the first Australian manufacturer to be endorsed by Sustain Surf's Ecoboard Project.

Beyond the materials we use, we also use a different process to glass our boards.  Adopting techniques from high-end composites manufacture Dry Lap Rotational Glassing is a process we've developed that reduces resin wastage and increases board strength.  All boards shaped in our workshops and retreats are glassed using this process.

We aim to assist all our customers in creating a very unique and personalised surfboard.  We cannot however, offer unlimited glassing styles and at the same time stay true to our sustainability focus.  We have developed the five glassing styles pictured below that work well with our materials and processes. 



A. Basalt / Carbon Frame: Clear glassed with our own custom basalt / carbon composite rail tape.  Lightweight and lively with a modern aesthetic

B. Abstract Pigment: Glassed with up to three different colours swirled, marbled or streaked in an abstract pattern.  Colour one or two sides. Stringer or stringerless options. Refer colour options below.

C. Flax Fibre: A highly durable natural fibre,  Flax cloth can be incorporated to increase the compressive strength of your board and give it a beautiful earthy look.  Can be applied one or two sides.  Can be used with basalt / carbon rail tape

D. Colour Pigment: Colour one or two sides of the board with a solid colour finish. Please note: translucent tint options are available. Refer colour options below.

E. Cork Deck: Further increase the strength of your board by adding a cork deck.  After extensive experimenting and testing we've found that cork applied between layers of fibreglass dramatically increases the compressive strength of the deck without adding stiffness to the board. Please note: this is not an exposed cork deck which adds no strength to the board.  This option is an additional cost which will be billed separately.




If you have some artwork or a logo that you would like applied to your board please let us know a minimum of three weeks before you attend a workshop or retreat.  Costs will vary depending on the size and colour of the artwork and the glassing option that you choose.  All our graphics are printed externally so please contact us for a quote.


When you attend a Treehouse ECOBOARD retreat you will be glassing your own board with Dave's expert guidance.  You will leave the retreat with a completed board as well as an undestanding of our epoxy glassing process.  If you are doing a School of Shape 1 day shaping workshop your board will be completed within two weeks.  Glassing of your board will start immediately after your shaping workshop.  It is essential that you have selected a glassing style prior to the completion of the workshop.