Madelaine Dickie has done all kinds of things to fund an obsession with surf travel. From skateboard and rollerblade instructing, to maths tutoring, to scrubbing dunnies, to working with kids with autism, Mad’s saved coin to travel and surf in Vanuatu, Namibia, Mozambique and the Philippines ... among other (generally!) tropical destinations.

She’s got a degree in Journalism and Creative Arts and her writing has been published in the GriffithREVIEW and Creative Nonfiction. Sometimes she’s got excess energy. You might find her scribbling up some stories for the ABC before heading out for a dawnie ... after which she’ll write the draft for a children’s book, and then, take a breather as she watches a mate drain and rebuild the motorbike she crashed into the river the day before.

Mad’s hot off a year of writing and surfing in West Java, where she had an award to finish her first novel. She also had a couple of months in Jakarta, undertaking an internship with Search for Common Ground, an organisation that uses journalism as a tool for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Currently in Broome, Western Australia, keep an eye out for Mad’s blog posts.  Treehouse is stoked to have her onboard.