Being raised from the seed through the stinking congestion of western Sydney, little Lofty was fortunate enough to be whisked off with his family to the gentle shores of the south coast. Initially he did not take to the ocean lightly, kicking and screaming as he was hurled face first into some solid two-foot closeouts by his kind and considerate dad.

Fortunately it didn’t take long for the salt to set her roots and the big blue heaving mass of the pacific had him dreaming of her day and night. He found himself firmly wedged in amongst a ruthless gang of body boarders and it did not take long before he found himself being pushed into many of hefty slabs the south coast has to offer.

Lofty juggled surfing with school life and found an interest in video and multimedia leading him into the dusty plains of Wagga Wagga to study TV Production. Stepping out of Uni and into the tropics, Lofty began his career as a News Camera Operator for Channel 7 in Cairns. When not working, Cairns provided a perfect opportunity to learn to kite surf.

Lofty has drawn on many different styles of boarding that influence him today. He’s passionate about the ocean, the arts, the bush and life.
He’s currently exploring Australia’s seemingly endless coastline with his amazing partner Lucy and their trusty Troopy.