From a young age, Treehouse owner and shaper Dave Porter has been mostly obsessed with surfing and making things.  Dave first started shaping boards at sixteen in southern Sydney, a hobby that continued for ten years. 

In 2006 Dave saw the need to address the disposable nature of PU / Polyester surfboards and started developing a unique, more sustainable range of boards under the moniker TREEHOUSE.  Setting aside a university degree and career as a landscape architect the refinement of these boards and manufacturing process has evolved and continued to this day on the Coal Coast in the northern suburbs of the Illawarra.

In 2014 Dave recognised that the joy of shaping your own board was an important part of surfing and opened the TREEHOUSE SCHOOL OF SHAPE, the first publicly accessible hand-shaping school in NSW.

In the Spring of 2017, Dave opened Australia's East Coast's first surfboard shaping retreat. Treehouse has moved into an idyllic bush setting and has set up a stylish and earthy camp with beautiful bell tents and a couple of shipping containers converted into shaping and fibre glassing bays.