Tom Nagle is the definition of the term ‘ frother’.  Raised surfing the concrete driveways of Canberra, if you ever so much as suggest that the surf is average he will be quick to remind you how lucky you are to not be stuck in Canberra.

Luckily as a young man Tom discovered that he had a knack for optimizing his time in the ocean.  A degree in Geography was gained while surfing the abundant breaks surrounding Wollongong.  Then a job teaching environmental restoration skills somehow allowed him to surf the Royal National Park before, during and after his lunch break.  To top that off, Tom managed 6 months in a Javanese fishing village teaching English and writing environmental reports for the UN…when the surf wasn’t pumping.

This dream lifestyle continues and Tom has recently taken up a conservation job working closely with Aboriginal People in the Kimberley, North West Australia.  Malcolm Douglas eat your heart out as Tom keeps us entertained with tales of crocs, box jellyfish and the search for any rideable lumps of ocean interspersed no doubt with a few Indo flashbacks.